Neural Network Application demo: 2d classification with 2-layer neural network. A similar implementation will be applied to the Career Path Case Study.

The following is a proof of concept. Its aim is to show the user that a Neural Network algorithm can be implemented on any webpage, including interactive features as well as graphically animated results.

The simulation below shows a toy binary problem with a few data points of class 0 (red) and 1 (green). The network is set up as:

On the right we visualize the transformed representation of all grid points in the original space and the data, for a given layer and only for 2 neurons at a time. The number in the bracket shows the total number of neurons at that level of representation. If the number is more than 2, you will only see the two visualized but you can cycle through all of them with the cycle button.

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CLICK: Add red data point
SHIFT+CLICK: Add green data point
CTRL+CLICK: Remove closest data point

Browser not supported for Canvas. Get a real browser.